Daily Living & Supplies

From grabbers and reachers to crutches and neck collars – call us (505) 327-4041 to find out what we carry.

Hip Kit Recovery


  • Long handled sponge
  • EZ dressing aid with a shoehorn
  • Sock aid with foam handles
  • 26 inch reaching aid

Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Inogen One G5 System Includes:

  • One single battery
  • Concentrator
  • Standard 5-year warranty
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Carry bag, user manual
  • Meets FAA requirements
  • Intelligent Delivery Technology®
  • Bluetooth System
  • Inogen Connect App

Cervical Collars

Recommended for relief of muscle tension and/or treatment of minor neck injuries including automobile whiplash. Ideal for immobilizing the neck and provides relief for minor neck pain or injuries.

  • Foam collar is also ideal for night wear
  • Universally sized so no measurements are needed
  • Available in five different heights
  • Washable and comes with a natural cotton stockinette

Aluminum Crutches

Lighter-than-wood aluminum crutch provides stability and durability.

  • Unique pull pin allows for easy hand grip adjustments without removing screws and wing-nuts
  • Push pin adjustment makes it easy to adjust crutch height in 1 increments
  • No-skid jumbo size vinyl contoured tips provide excellent traction
  • Comfortable durable accessories are latex free
  • Several height adjustments and weight capacity available

Incontinence Pads by Tranquility

We carry various types of Tranquility incontinence pads in stock. Feel free to call us with questions at (505) 327-4041.